Feb 23, 2016

Medtronic Launches the World's First App-based Remote Monitoring System for Pacemakers in Canada

BRAMPTON, ON – February 23, 2015 – Medtronic Canada today announced that it has received Health Canada license for MyCareLink Smart™ Monitor, the world’s first app-based remote monitoring...

MyCareLink Smart™ Monitor Conveniently Connects Pacemaker Patients with their Clinic


BRAMPTON, ON – February 23, 2015 – Medtronic Canada today announced that it has received Health Canada license for MyCareLink Smart™ Monitor, the world’s first app-based remote monitoring system for patients with implantable pacemakers, now commercially available in Canada. With the MyCareLink Smart Monitor, patients with a compatible Medtronic pacemaker can use their own smartphone or tablet technology, with cellular or Wi-Fi service, to securely transmit data from their pacemakers to their clinic, which can then interpret the data to make treatment decisions.

The MyCareLink Smart Monitor is comprised of a handheld portable device reader, prescribed by a physician, and the MyCareLink Smart mobile app, available for free on select Android™ and Apple® platforms.1 When the MyCareLink Smart Monitor is connected to cellular or Wi-Fi service, patients can initiate a transmission of pacemaker data by securely uploading the information to the Medtronic CareLink® Network, the world’s leading remote monitoring service for cardiac device patients, currently being used by more than 1 million patients worldwide.

By connecting patients and their clinics, remote cardiac monitoring provides many clinical and economic benefits. These include more convenient options to allow physicians to detect a problem with the pacemaker based on the transmitted data; less time spent at a doctor’s office or clinic for regular checks of the pacemaker;2,3 reduced time spent in the hospital if the physician quickly detects and treats a medical problem;4,5 and a potential increase in patient survival rates.6,7,8

“The use of smart technology continues to grow among people of all ages, and especially among people over 65 which is the age range of the majority of our pacemaker patients,” said Neil Fraser, President of Medtronic Canada. “As a leader in remote cardiac monitoring, Medtronic is committed to providing cardiac patients with the latest technology to improve their health and make their lives easier, while helping to reduce the costs of healthcare. The MyCareLink Smart Monitor is just the first of many innovative solutions we are developing that leverage smart technology to increase patient engagement.”

In collaboration with leading clinicians, researchers and scientists worldwide, Medtronic offers one of the broadest ranges of innovative medical technology for the interventional and surgical treatment of cardiovascular disease and cardiac arrhythmias. The company strives to offer products and services that deliver clinical and economic value to healthcare consumers and providers around the world.


About Medtronic in Canada

Medtronic Canada (www.medtronic.ca), headquartered in Brampton, Ontario is a subsidiary of Medtronic plc, which is among the world’s largest medical technology, services and solutions companies--alleviating pain, restoring health and extending life for millions of people around the world. Medtronic is proud to employ over 1,600 people in Canada, serving physicians, hospitals and patients across the country. The company is focused on collaborating with stakeholders around the world to take healthcare Further, Together.

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