Jul 11, 2018

Medtronic Launches New Stealthstationtm Technology in Canada for Neurosurgery, Spinal, and Ear Nose and Throat Procedures

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, CANADA - July 11, 2018 -Medtronic of Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT), today announced the StealthStation™ S8 and the StealthStation™ ENT (Ear, Nose...

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, CANADA - July 11, 2018 - Medtronic of Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT), today announced the StealthStation™ S8 and the StealthStation™ ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) surgical navigation systems are now licensed for sale in Canada. Surgeons use surgical navigation systems to help with precisely locating anatomical structures and instruments in either open or minimally invasive procedures on rigid parts of the body like the skull and vertebra, as well as sinus cavities. Both platforms are now commercially available in Canada.

Medtronic brings an advanced solution to specialists with enhanced workflows, efficiencies, and more comprehensive data integration, providing useful surgical navigation information for neurosurgery, spinal and ENT surgical procedures. Both StealthStation S8 and StealthStation ENT use proprietary electromagnetic (EM) tracking technology.

The StealthStation ENT platform provides enhanced visualization to surgeons and offers new software and hardware innovations including Virtual Endoscopy, which gives a simulated view of sinus cavities previously inaccessible with a traditional endoscope. Virtual Endoscopy can be loaded with the patient's preoperative data to allow the surgeon to practice an individual's surgery before he or she enters the surgical suite.

“Improving outcomes for patients and their healthcare providers is what has been driving us for fifty years at Medtronic in Canada,” said Peter Tomashewski, senior director of Restorative Therapies at Medtronic Canada. “Thanks in part to contributions from our partnerships with surgeons, we continue to innovate products like our new StealthStation platforms to help reduce complications and improve both the patient and user experience.”

The StealthStation S8 Neurosurgery platform for Cranial and Spine procedures includes a new and improved software interface, a two-cart platform design, and electromagnetic technology to complement the surgical workflows. The new user interface offers a streamlined solution with intuitive software workflows designed for ease of use. The software provides new tools for advanced visualization — allowing the surgeon to use the data intraoperatively.

Patient registration improvements allow the surgeon more flexibility in registration, while providing quantitative feedback. Planning components allow them to combine valuable patient data and segment structures all integrated onto high-definition touchscreen monitors for 3D visualization to help the surgeon plan prior to entering the operating room.

For more information, see www.medtronic.ca/stealthstation

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