Apr 6, 2023

Access Granted: Medtronic Insulin Pumps and CGM are Now Included as Part of Expanded Coverage in Manitoba

BRAMPTON, Ontario Medtronic Canada applauds the Manitoba government’s recent announcement to expand coverage for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM, also known as Advanced Glucose Monitoring or AGM) for eligible residents living with diabetes. This announcement removes previous age caps, providing more equitable access for Manitobans to choose the diabetes management technology that works best for them.

“We support the Manitoba government’s decision to invest in the health of people living with diabetes through expanded coverage of insulin pumps and CGM,” says Laura Cameron, senior director of the Diabetes business at Medtronic Canada.

The Manitoba Insulin Pump Coverage Program (MAIPCP) will include the recently launched Medtronic MiniMedTM 780G insulin pump system, the only advanced hybrid closed loop system that can automatically adjust and correct blood sugars every 5 minutes. The system, paired with Medtronic’s CGM, is designed to help avoid highs and lows thanks to -to the company’s most advanced SmartGuard™ technology.

In addition, Manitoba’s Pharmacare Program will also include access to the Medtronic Guardian™ Connect, a stand-alone CGM system designed for people using insulin injections. Guardian Connect can predict  high and low sensor glucose events up to an hour in advance and provides access to information that can inform users of clinically relevant glucose patterns.

"Diabetes requires a multitude of care decisions day and night,” adds Cameron. “And when we talk of people living with diabetes, it includes caregivers, parents, teachers, spouses, friends, etc., because it touches all of those involved in supporting the individual with the condition.”

Access to diabetes management technology helps reduce the lifelong burden for patients and their support system, especially when CGM is integrated with an insulin pump that can personalize insulin delivery. It also offers mobile data connectivity so caregivers can track glucose levels remotely. “We are passionate about supporting patients in optimizing their diabetes management and welcome the increased health equity this announcement will deliver," says Cameron.

Research indicates that patients who use insulin pump technology have fewer diabetes-related health complications, and therefore fewer interactions with the health system. Users consistently report more satisfaction and improved quality of life due to the reduced burden of management.i

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